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Through this website you can view our guide to members of the association. These include Cathedrals, Churches, Abbeys and Shrines in the UK and Ireland. Members' pages in the guide give an outline of basic visitor information consisting of times of opening, how to get there, any charges involved, significant historical and architectural features and times of worship. From there you can go direct to their individual websites which are much more detailed and present real time information. The aim of the association is to help members welcome visitors, so we hope that this site will help you before visiting them. Whilst here, you can also learn more about the association and how to become a member.

Cathedrals Plus conference 2019 is at St Albans

Tuesday, 17th September - Thursday, 19th September.

An invitation from Fr. Kevin Walton…

St Albans Cathedral is the oldest continuous place of Christian worship in Britain, with the shrine of Britain's first saint, but it is also on the verge of an exciting new phase of its life. We will just have opened our new welcome and learning centres and new interpretation scheme, and are about to unveil the illumination of our unique nave wall paintings. We also are in the process of restoring our second medieval shrine, of St Amphibalus, the priest sheltered by Alban. All of this is what makes up our project Alban, Britain's First Saint: Telling the whole story.

In this conference, we want to explore together how we all, with our rich variety of heritage and context, are telling our stories, and through that are seeking to engage with wider audiences through activities, events, interpretation, welcome, marketing. Workshops and speakers plan to focus on schools, adult learners, and millennials, SEND groups, visitors and pilgrims. Last but not least, delegates will be able to benefit from what boasts to be the nation's densest concentration of traditional pubs...

I hope to see you here in September,


The Revd Dr Kevin Walton, Canon Chancellor
Cathedral & Abbey Church of St Alban
Sumpter Yard
St Albans

To find out more, or to book your place, email:


Our members

Cathedrals Plus has as members Cathedrals and Churches of all denominations who receive significant numbers of visitors and is international in its membership. These include almost all Church of England Cathedrals, together with three of the Roman Catholic Cathedrals: those in London, Norwich and Liverpool. Wesley's Chapel and the Methodist Central Hall are members as are several large Churches and Abbeys throughout England, including Sherborne and Buckfast Abbeys. We are attracting a significant number of parish churches that are keen to develop their visitor welcome and education provision. We also include three of the Irish Cathedrals and St Patrick's Purgatory on Lough Derg, four Welsh cathedrals and St George's Memorial Chapel in Ypres. Find out more about places to visit in our guide or through our interactive map.


Lincoln Cathedral

A place to inspire and explore, Lincoln Cathedral’s grand architecture and links with the Magna Carta make it impossible to miss. Come and marvel at the nave and be amazed by the tranquillity of such a stunning building. Sit and pray in one of the side chapels or take a tower tour and gaze far and wide, let Lincoln Cathedral take you away.

Find out more about Lincoln Cathedral