Scotland’s Churches Trust


Scotland’s Churches Trust was founded in 2012 through the merger of Scotland’s Churches Scheme and the Scottish Churches Architectural Heritage Trust. The Trust is an ecumenical charitable trust which aims to advance the preservation, promotion and understanding of Scotland’s rich architectural heritage represented in its churches and places of worship of all denominations. Its purposes are:
- to advance heritage and religion by the preservation and upkeep of churches and other places of worship including churchyards;
- to encourage churches and other places of worship to open to welcome visitors, tourists and pilgrims ;
- to advance education and promote understanding of the public about the history, art, architecture and traditions of churches and other places of worship and their position as a focal point in the community; and
- to provide grants or donations to other charitable or religious individuals, bodies or organisations with aims or objects analogous to the foregoing purposes or, more generally, with the common purpose of maintaining churches and other places of worship.
The Trust has more than 1200 churches in membership and the trust’s website lists all member churches with information about services, opening times and more. The Trust gives more than £80,000 in grants each year for the repair of church buildings and the website is a source of information about maintaining church buildings.



Scotland possesses a surprising and delightful diversity in the range of buildings designed for worship, deriving in part from its complicated and rich church history. The 1,200 member churches are spread across Scotland and across all the religious denominations. They contain a significant part of the nation’s heritage with the major proportion being ‘listed’ buildings, many being Category A.


Scotland’s Churches Trust has successfully promoted access to the nation’s ecclesiastical heritage, with many of our buildings - large and small, urban and rural - in membership. The Trust’s linked website Scotland’s Pilgrim Journeys, brings together the travels of Scotland’s Celtic Saints and Medieval traditions of pilgrimage with modern faith journeys.

Local Interest

Scotland's Churches Trust has member churches throughout Scotland from Galloway to Shetland and the Western Isles to The Scottish Borders.
Scotland’s Pilgrim Journeys connect ancient traditions with contemporary life along network of Pilgrim Journeys which crisscross the whole of Scotland, encompassing many local routes and sites.