This website

This website has been designed with practical accessibility in mind. It is hoped that the various measures included within the design will make this site accessible to most. Note: This doesn't necessarily mean that the website will appear exactly the same or equally as prettily to everyone, however, all textual content will be available to all. If there is anything else that can be done, or you have any comments to make, please contact the webmaster and let him know - all feedback is welcomed and if improvements can reasonably be made we will attempt to implement them.

Resizing text

Proportional measurements have been used for the type sizes throughout the website. Thus text can be resized according to need.

Here are ways to do so in a number of popular browsers:

How to resize text
Browser via Shortcuts via Menu
Internet Explorer (PC) Ctrl & scroll mouse wheel View > Text Size > Larger/Smaller
Firefox (PC) Ctrl + / Ctrl - View > Text Size > Increase/Decrease
Safari (Mac) Apple + / Apple - View > Make text Bigger/Smaller
Internet Explorer (Mac) Apple + / Apple - View > Text Zoom > Bigger/Smaller